Chasing Waterfalls & Safety

We're counting down the hours before our weekend begins! We're sharing a list of our area's stunning waterfalls and a word of caution.  Yesterday, another visitor to Catawba Falls was seriously injured.  That person was climbing the falls, slipped and hit his head on a rock. By ignoring the rules you not only endanger yourself, but the lives of rescue workers attempting to safely navigate wilderness terrain in order to save your life.  

Every year people die because they attempted to climb a waterfall.  Please, do NOT climb a waterfall. Read and follow the trail signs.  You'll have fun and enjoy the waterfall experience without attempting to climb one and you'll safely return home to family and friends.

Last, remember the majority of U.S. Forest Service lands, trails, and parks require dogs be leashed using a lead that does not exceed six feet in length.  Dogs may encounter wildlife, react, and be wounded, injure wildlife, or you. 

Have a safe and fun weekend! 

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