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What Can We Do?

The majority of our Blue Ridge communities are located inside a unique "thermal belt" allowing us to enjoy outdoor waterfalls and trails year-round.  There is one exception to this "rule" and it applies to trails located along the Blue Ridge Parkway or at elevations higher than 1800 feet above ...

December Fun!

Why visit the Blue Ridge in December? I can think of hundreds of reasons, however, I'll share a few of my favorites.  A local tradition, the Appalachian Potters' Market!  It's always hosted on the first Saturday in December, with 66 North Carolina clay artists, taking place ...

Lake James Art Show & Sale

What? A local artisans show and sale! There are 15 participating artists, including jewelers, painters, potters, glass makers and more.  

Navigating November!

November, it's an interesting month! This year, our leaf season has extended into November. The lower elevations continue to see daily changes, with pops of reds and oranges.  Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll continue to find a mix of colors when you stop at overlooks with ...

Marion Haunted Halloween Pub Crawl - October 27th!

The fine folks at Marion, NC's Mica Town Brewery have created a fun afternoon/evening filled with games and prizes.  Start with a visit to Refinery 13, Spillway Bridge & Company, McDowell Local, Mulligan Mack's After 5 Pub, Crabby Abby's Bar and Grill, or Mica Town ...

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